2. February 2019, CZECH BALL in the Municipal House – diamond table CBC

saturday 2. 2. 2019 Obecní dům, Praha 1
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Dear Fun Lovers,

I am honoured to invite you to the diamond table of the Czech Business Club at Český ples – the best of ball season – in the Municipal House on Saturday 2.2. 2019.

The club table is situated at the best spot and the diamond tickets include unlimited consumption of genuine champagne, high quality wines and delicious menu inspired by the latest gastronomic trends created by the ArtNoveau restaurant. You can also expect thousands of flowers and a valuable raffle.

Jitka Zelenková
Michal David
Monika Absolonová
Martin Chodúr
Tereza Mátlová
Danyl Johnson
… and a surprise performance

Same as last year, prior to the ball there will be refresh lessons with ROMANA MOTLOVA, the Czech Dance Champion and Stardance celebrity.

PRICE without VAT – 14 000 CZK per person, includes 2 refresh dance lessons
For invoicing please contact me individually.

email akce@czechbusinessclub.cz or call 725 857 031The best seats are reserved for us for few more days. Please book your tickets as soon as possible.
I look forward to this exceptional event.

Romana Šedá
President of the Czech Business Club


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