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The god particle’s indian access After decades of experiments and billions in investing, capability at the famous cern research centre in geneva claim to have finally found the elusive higgs boson or the”Oplagt particle, believed to be the crucial building block that resulted in the formation of the universe.Cnbc tv18’s ashwin raghunath delved deeper into the story to read the details. The higgs boson particle has been posited as being crucial to our know-How about how the universe was formed.As per the theory, without the presense of higgs particle, the universe might have remained in a soup like state and not clumped to form stars, Silver Charms with Gems exoplanets or even life. As well as, the eu organisation for nuclear research, and it could be cern, say they have discovered a particle similar to the higgs boson.Fascinatingly, there is an intrinsic indian link to what is happening at cern scientist satyendra nath bose.It is after bose that the sub atomic particle boson was named to start. Medical professional.Meenakshi narain, who Pandora Beads:http://www.franksmith.ca/ has been of the research at cern, explains the value of this discovery to cnbc tv18. “We do not know effectively if it is higgs boson, but it is one of the big mysteries of particle physics.Entire existence utilizes this theory that particles have mass, she menti one d. But this discovery in turn opens a pandora’s box of other serious questions.Firstly, is this particle a variant of the boson or a totally different particle?These questions will doubtless keep the scientists experimenting further.

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